A little about me quickly. My name is Karen and I started Bright Leaf Nursery near the end of 2019 mainly because I was wanting to use my skills while working from home. I live in Sydney with my husband and we have two little kids who are 4 and 7 years old and having a backyard nursery allows me to follow my passions (being a horticulturalist), and play with plants all day while being home with the kids. I try to procure uncommon indoor plants for you, my customers. 

As a horticulturalist I can also offer aftercare – advice on the plants you’ve purchased, or what would suit a certain spot at your place, troubleshoot what’s happening with some plants not looking their best. I am passionate about plants and people loving their plants. I love discovering new leaf patterns, growth types, whether a plant wants to clump or climb and how some plants change their foliage from juvenile to adult. Sooooo cool!!!