Spotlight on Syngoniums

Sometimes called Arrowhead Plant, these have been around for many years but the variety of colours and shapes and sizes has had a resurgence in recent years. Some are more compact such as Pixie and some are going to climb straight away such as Fantasy. If they need climbing support you can have them climb a branch or moss pole or why not try a multi planted basket where the vines grow down, are tucked back up and make a lush scene. Like most groups of indoor plants there is also a range of prices thanks to collectors sharing plants and tissue culture. Syngoniums are in the huge Aracae family so can be called Aroids. Grow them in a well draining mix that holds some moisture and let them dry out between watering. They will benefit from bright indirect light, can handle morning sun but not after 11am or so (in Australia). Feed with a liquid solution such as Foliage Focus by Growth Technology or less often with a slow release. Syngoniums are easy to propagate and do so readily in water, moss or soil. 

Ones we typically stock: Pixie, Confetti, Maria, chiapense, erythrophyllum, wendlandii, Mojito, Fantasy, neglectum, Dwarf Princess, Green Feathers, Three Kings, Starlite, Panda, steyermarkii, Batik, Pink Splash and more.