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Spotlight on Monsteras

Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’ Some can be huge such as the commonly known Monstera deliciosa where leaves can be over 1 metre long, or as flat as the shingling Monstera dubia. One cool feature is that there can be a stark contrast between juvenile and mature foliage. There is normally a transition to fenestrated (holes in […]

Growth Technology

Growth Technology Is the hype around the products worth it? Yes. Simply put, Growth Technology (GT) have the best range of plant nutrients around. Created and perfected by a chemist with decades experience in the industry, GT spend years testing and getting accreditation for each product before it is released to the public. Most of […]

Cold Weather & Indoor Plants

I’ll talk in general terms so please do your own research or check with me for more info about certain plants. I am talking from a Sydney perspective so you may have more or less humidity, or higher or lower winter temperatures. HUMIDITY: Most indoor plants are from a more tropical environment and so prefer a […]