Ok, so I know the beginning of October isn’t Spring however September was very very busy for me so this is my first chance to sit and write another blog post. This all still applies because the weather warming up can change some things. In winter we are extra careful to keep indoor plants warm, not overwater them because of cooler weather meaning slower drying out of soil, and not fertilising as much or at all due to plant growth slowing…..

However that all tips on its head as it warms up because soil will dry out faster, sunlight will become more fierce and could possibly burn plant leaves in the wrong place and the plants need food as they grow faster!

So, what to feed them? Growth Technology nutrients of course! For most indoor and foliage plants Foliage Focus is one of the products you could use. A concentrate that can be mixed into the plant’s water or diluted and sprayed onto the leaves, it has the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals for your precious plants. It is specially formulated to encourage lush and profuse foliage growth and suitable for any non-flowering plants.

GT Foliar is another option and is ready to spray, containing a complete and balanced mineral profile with amino acids, kelp, fulvic acid silicon and wetting agents.

Something else to think of is how much light or sunlight your plants are getting now the season has changed. My greenhouse had a thin layer of shadecloth inside which was sufficient for winter but now that it is Spring, I have also put 2 layers of shadecloth on the outside as well, as the plants were in the equivalent of full sun without the new layers. Keep an eye on your plants because if the sun has moved or gotten harsher there could be some burnt leaves soon.

You might have gotten into a routine where you check and water your plants less often as they got less water in winter. Now is the time to check more often – say twice a week. A moisture meter is your friend here because the top of the soil may look dry but halfway down could be sopping wet.

With the weather warming up it is also a great time to propagate from your plants. A long wandering strand of Devil’s ivy or a Monstera adansonii that has reached the top of its totem? Perfect to propagate in water or moss or soil! And the perfect product to help is Clonex Clone Solution (CCS)!

To purchase these products please go to https://www.brightleafnursery.com/product-category/fertilisers-soils/